Dr. Mary Lee Esty of the Brain Wellness and Biofeedback Center, along with Carol Shifflet, co-authors of “Conquering Concussion: Healing TBI Symptoms with Neurofeedback and Without Drugs”, talk about the research and results of neurofeedback in a number of medical issues. Listen here.


In her interview on HealthLife.Net, Dr. Mary Lee Esty explains in easy-to-understand language just how life-altering concussions often are.

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BWB’s Dr. Mary Lee Esty talks with Harry Campbell of Biofeedback Resources International about Conquering Concussion – Healing TBI Symptoms With Neurofeedback and Without Drugs and all things concussion and TBI-related.

Mary Lee Esty on Concussion and Biofeedback

alDr. Mary Lee Esty and science writer C. M. Shifflett, authors of Conquering Concussion: Healing TBI Symptoms With Neurofeedback and Without Drugs, discuss their award-winning book with Lewis Harrison on WIOX Radio at 91.3 FM.

Synopsis: 3 years ago concussion and brain injuries in athletes and soldiers were just beginning to make the news. 3 years ago we couldn’t get this book published because the topic was “too niche, no one would read it.” Of course, we published it anyway.

Today, traumatic brain injury (TBI) is an urgent and continuing part of the national conversation — and a major motion picture. On December 25th, Will Smith’s “Concussion” will hit the big screen.

A better understanding of brain injury may change the world. It lurks behind PTSD, terrible fatigue, chronic headaches and migraine, depression, and other symptoms ranging from mysterious weight gain to lost libido and infertility. Unrecognized brain injury is a common factor in ADD / AD(H)D in children and adults, in violence and abuse, in addiction, divorce, poverty, homelessness, and often suicide.
When brain injury is recognized, patients are typically given various drugs and told that in time they will be Fine. In reality, many will not be Fine for many years to come.

Worse, studies have shown that drugs do not heal the cognitive problems of TBI. New research shows that they can make problems more severe and delay healing.

Now that we have a better understanding of the risks and life-changing symptoms of TBI, we are still missing an equivalent understanding of how to heal the damage.

“Conquering Concussion” begins with famous head injuries in history, from King Henry VIII and Mary Lincoln to Howard Hughes and Elvis Presley.

Most of what we think we know about concussion comes from movies and comics. We explain what actually happens in concussion and TBI, why you have the symptoms you do, why TBI is far more than a mere “ding.”

Best of all, learn about a new and growing approach to healing the symptoms of TBI — neurofeedback — a safe, non-invasive biofeedback for the brain, involving no drugs or their side-effects.

Find out why MRI and other imaging may fail to show damage, simpler tests that do, what to do when you aren’t getting better and aren’t being heard, how to play safe, how to build a team, and how to get your life back.

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Dr. Esty PodcastBWB’s founder, Dr. Mary Lee Esty, talks about the wide-reaching effects of concussion and TBI in sports, veterans and the general population in an interview on the Smart People Podcast. This segment provides invaluable information and is not only well worth listening to but should also be shared with others.

Concussions are a hot topic these days, specifically due to the recent findings of the impact of head injuries on professional football players. However, many don’t realize that concussions and other traumatic brain injuries (TBI’s) affect many people and can have a lifelong effect on ones health. In fact, the recent surge in combat veterans incurring TBI’s during combat has led to a lot of new research and a much better understanding of exactly what is going on during and after suffering a head injury. This week on the show we interview Dr. Mary Lee Esty, president of the Brain Wellness and Biofeedback Center of Washington and author of the new book, Conquering Concussion: Healing TBI Symptoms With Neurofeedback and Without Drugs.”

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Listen as the authors of Conquering Concussion – Healing TBI Symptoms With neurofeedback and Without Drugs, Dr. Mary Lee Esty and C. M. Shifflet discuss the incidence of concussion, concussion symptoms, myths and treatment options.

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