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Conquering ConcussionWhy you should read this book on concussion…

This book is an invitation to two groups of people. First is for those of you who know you have been diagnosed with a concussion or brain injury and are still hoping to function and feel better. The second, and probably largest group, is for those who don’t think they have had a concussion because they haven’t been knocked out. (There are two levels of concussion before loss of consciousness.) Also there are conditions such as AD(H)D and chronic depression that are associated with TBI even from injuries that occurred years ago.

This book will allow you to evaluate yourself for effects of a past brain injury. Look inside to learn about brain injury symptoms and what is now available to reduce those symptoms and make life easier. I feel privileged to have provided Neurofeedback to many people who were struggling and I treasure the reports from these clients. I hope this book will help you also to be able to say, “You have given me back my life.”
Mary Lee Esty, Ph.D.


Conquering Concussion